There is a sudden upsurge in Covid 19 cases in India. There is a shortage of everything whether it is vaccines, hospital beds or medicines. People are dying, the surrounding is full of agony.

Whenever someone says, “I have tested positive for Covid” it scares my soul. This virus is so deadly. People who are lucky enough to get a bed for themselves in the hospital are not able to meet their loved ones. I feel this year the hospital walls have heard more prayers rather than a pilgrim near my house.
Almost daily there are more than 3 lakh cases reporting in the country. It all starts with minor symptoms and soon it starts killing the body. But if we start taking precautions from now onwards, this will be easy.

In such harsh times, it is important to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. To keep me mentally happy, I started meditating and spending more time with my loved ones. And if you have tested positive, trust me there is nothing to worry about.

Just have proper balanced diet food, consult a doctor, have your medicines on time and take steams of hot water at least 3 times in a day. Connect with your loved ones, video calls them daily and watch movies on OTT platforms or maybe stand-up comedy.

There will be days when you might feel that your energy has drained out of your body and end up sleeping all day. Avoid consuming any kind of cold food or drinks, it can harm your body very badly.

Taking showers twice a day can make you feel fresh and try changing your bed covers after every 2 to 3 days. Listen to Lo-fi music, gives a lot of chills.

Trust me, you have got this. We are living in these hard times, but we can make through it. Try to help others in whatever it is possible for you. Even a small help counts right now. Let’s be cooperative and selfless souls.

One day everything will be back to normal.

Stay hydrated!!